Object to the planning application now!

There is a planning application to build 93 homes on Wenny Road Meadow. This is a really important time for our campaign, because the council is likely to make a decision about the meadow very soon.

The “official” deadline for comments has now passed, but the council has confirmed that comments will be accepted right up until the decision is made. The sooner you submit your comments, the better.

How much time do you want to spend making your objection?


Empty hour glass

If you only have a few minutes to spare, click here to find out how to make a very simple objection to the Meadow plans.


If you have a bit more time to spend (twenty minutes or so), click here to find some more detailed arguments you can use to construct a strong argument against the plans.


The strongest objections reference details in the Fenland Local Plan and other planning policies. If you have some time to dedicate to this, click here to find out more about the policies we think these plans fail to meet.

What if you would prefer to object by post or email?

Objecting using the council’s online “planning portal” is best, since you can see your comments online immediately. You can comment via email or post instead. There are instructions here.

The Save Wenny Road Meadow campaign is for residents concerned about the proposed development of houses on this beautiful area of pastureland in Chatteris.

Chatteris Meadow Development Map

The meadow is surrounded by mature trees, has picturesque views and a tranquil environment. Many people use the area for walking, relaxing and to refresh the soul. It has been described as the last remaining undeveloped land within the town boundary.

The broad concept plan retains roughly one third of the meadow as managed open space, but we are campaigning for the plans to be revised to preserve the meadow in its entirety. We believe that truncating the meadow, carving access roads through it, and building on the remainder will destroy the essence of this beautiful natural amenity.

The land was selected for development and identified in the Fenland Local Plan (which was adopted in 2014). Consultation took place in 2013, but most Chatteris residents were not aware of this decision.

We hope that if enough Chatteris residents object to losing this land forever, it is possible that Fenland District Council’s Planning Policy Department may ultimately consider a review of the Local Plan and designate the area as Local Green Space or maintain it as a Country Park for current and future generations to enjoy. We acknowledge the the land is currently in private ownership, and that a long term solution for purchase and maintenance of the land would need to be resolved.

Petition signatures:

1,074 and rising!  

(@ 10th February, 2020)

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