Wenny Road Meadow is an area which is very special to it’s local resident’s. In this section you can hear some of the testimonials about the meadow, and some of the beautiful pictures taken here.

“Wenny Meadow is a jewel in Chatteris’s crown. Its pathways are a beaten track created by the footfalls of its local people… its unspoilt nature is its charm. By the grace of God may it be left so.”

“For me, the real significance is that small parkland landscapes are actually very rare in the Fens, and the fact that it preserves earlier archaeology in the form of the ridge and furrow earthworks adds to its historic and archaeological significance.”

“You can watch a barn owl hunting at dusk, or see the Jay and Woodpecker… and hear the tall grasses whispering in the breeze in moment of tranquil communion with nature.”

“Me and my teenage friends… spend our time going to the wenny meadow and sitting beside a tree just enjoying each other’s company. We love it to pieces and know every part of it backwards.”

“It’s the last meadow on the island of Chatteris, which is surrounded by major roads, which will only get busier.”

“I visit many of the local nature reserves; Somersham Lake, Wicken Fen, Paxton Pits, Fen Drayton Lakes, etc. The best place to see/photograph buzzards and kestrels? A few small fields on the edge of a town called Chatteris.”