You can become a member of “Friends of Wenny Road Meadow” by clicking here.

Here are some ways you can help us with the campaign:

help with the petition

We need at least 500 signatures! Please print the petition, sign it yourself, and get as many of your neighbours, friends and family to sign it too. However, they must be Chatteris residents, or the council will disregard their names.

plan a letter

Our information pack gives you some background information and useful ideas for composing a letter of objection. This will need to be sent once the full planning application has been submitted, but you can start to draft it now.

(We only have 21 days in which to co-ordinate our objections once the plans have been submitted.)

Volunteer for leafletting, etc

We’ll be designing and distributing a leaflet as soon as the plans are submitted. If you can help with delivering leaflets, please get in touch.

put up a poster

You can download our poster from the resources page, and display it in your window.

Spread the word

The most important thing is to tell everyone you know about the campaign. Please visit our Facebook page, and join up! This is a great way to keep up with news about the campaign, and share photos and opinions. The number of members is also a great indicator of the strength of support for saving Wenny Meadow!

contact us

Please email using the form on our contact page with any ideas and suggestions. Also,  we’d like to hear about what the meadow means to you, as we’re devising a scrapbook of testimonials, memories, etc.