How to object in just a few minutes

A planning application to build 93 homes on Wenny Road Meadow has been submitted. We’d like as many people as possible to object to these plans.

Click here to go to the Fenland District Council comments page and submit your objection.

Objecting via the Fenland District Council website is easy. All you have to do is provide your name, address, reasons why you think the meadow shouldn’t be built on, and write a short comment.

Make sure you pick the “object” option when the form asks for your stance.

Simply saying you don’t like the development isn’t enough. You need to tell the council some “planning reasons” why you think it should be refused in the written comment. Here are some examples:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 99) says that existing open spaces should not be built on.
  • 1,250 homes have already been approved for Chatteris: the Tithe Barn and Womb Farm developments already grow Chatteris by 27.5%.
  • Green space: Chatteris doesn’t have enough green space for residents, and this proposal reduces the amount of Natural Green Space available to residents further.
  • Wildlife, trees, and the environment: the site is of county level importance for reptiles, district level importance for birds, and is home to a number of UK priority species such as the barbastelle bat.
  • Traffic issues: there is already heavy traffic on the A142 regularly, and the addition of a new primary school on Wenny Road increases pedestrian and car journeys along this road.
  • Strain on local infrastructure and amenities: the GP surgery is already stretched, even before the addition of 1,250 homes; Cromwell Community College only has spare capacity for 81 pupils, even before the addition of 1,250 homes.

Impact on the character of the local area is another valid reason. Write something about why the meadow is important to you. Remember to talk about social, physical and mental health, and other wellbeing matters.

Extra tips and advice:

  • Please be polite.
  • Don’t accuse the developers or councillors of wrong doing, working for financial gain, etc.
  • Multiple people in one household can submit an objection (we think you may have to be over 18, but this isn’t clear).
  • If you later decide you want to write a more detailed comment, you can submit a second objection (but please don’t abuse this or make too much work for planning officers).
  • If you have any problems (e.g, the Fenland website isn’t working), you can submit your comments via email. Make sure it is clear in your email that you are objecting to the application, quote reference F/YR21/0981/F, and send it to You should include your postal address in the email.

Click here to go to the Fenland District Council comments page and submit your objection.

Campaign’s plan of action

  • Engage with Fenland District Council, and organise letters (and petitions) to demonstrate the strength of feeling in the town.
  • Request a site visit to demonstrate the beauty of the place
  • Conduct tree “audit” and examination of Tree Preservation Order status (TPO)
  • Write to local MP
  • Raise awareness in the town through posters, contact cards, leafletting, door-to-door petitioning, events, press coverage, etc
  • Seek out potential funding solutions for purchase of the site and ongoing upkeep…
  • National bodies who may be able to help us with the campaign, or provide funding to purchase the meadow e.g:
    • National Trust
    • Woodland Trust
    • Campaign for Protection of Rural England
    • Open Spaces Society
    • Lottery Heritage Funds
    • Street Pride
    • RSPB
    • Wildlife Trust
    • Green Party