Campaign Materials

We believe that our best hope for success is for individuals to write to Fenland District Council to register their objection to the notion of building on the meadow. Multiple copies of the same letter have less impact than lots of different letters, so we’re encouraging people to plan their own letters for submission at the right time. We’ll also be drafting a standard letter for people to use if they prefer not to draft their own. In the meantime, we’re gathering a record of objections, via the petition. 

This page also carries links to key policy documents which support our campaign ideas.

Information pack

Download this word document to read more about our campaign, and for guidance about how to write a letter to Fenland District Council when the objection window opens.


Download this petition to gather objections to the development plans for Wenny Road Meadow.


Print this and display in your window to spread the word! We also have laminated versions – contact us if you have an idea for a good place to put one.


Development Broad Concept Plan (2016)

The Broad Concept Plan (which begins on page 11 of the link) is the developers proposed plan of the development. Item number 4.6 shows the areas where dwellings are to be located.

Development Planning Application Documents (2016)

Planning application documents for the Wenny Road Meadow development from 2016. These include Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Reports and associated correspondence.

Fenland District Council Planning Committee:

This link takes you to the list of planning meetings, with agendas and minutes for meetings which have taken place. Since we’re not sure of the timing of the planning application, this is a useful site to bookmark.

Fenland Local Plan

The Fenland Local Plan was adopted in 2014, page 48 shows the land allocated for development in Chatteris. The Plan also contains the Policies developers should adhere to when drawing up plans for a development. Policies relevant to our campaign are LP1, LP7 (o) LP7 (g), Lp16, LP18, LP19 and Appendix B – Open Spaces Standard.

Green Infrastructure survey

The Cambridgeshire Green Infrastructure Strategy was written in 2011. Item 4.4.12 (pages 94 and 95) relates to Chatteris. It refers to Chatteris having ‘a shortage of open space compared to the size/population of Chatteris’ and also being ‘deficient in all standards of Accessible Natural Green Space’.