Website and Petition launched today!

The website went live today and we’re starting to distribute the petition which is also available to download from our resources page. Please spread the word!


  1. Gill Davis says:

    There are many managed parks in Chatteris but very few natural sites. Our children will grow up thinking that that is what the countryside looks like. This site is beautiful with plants and wildlife as it should be, let’s give our children a chance to acknowledge the wonderful natural world of nature as it could be not the type of open area they could find in any other town or city

  2. Rachel Easter says:

    Please stop keep filling up all these beautiful open spaces with houses, the town is full of houses and nothing to support the people who live there. The doctors cant cope with the patience they have now, most of us travel to an NHS dentist and the schools are full to bursting. I love this meadow and have walked it, played hide and seek in it, taught my children the names of the trees there and named most of the animals with them over the years. It will be such a shame for them not to be able to do this with their children.

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