Anyone can comment, regardless of age

A planning application to build 93 homes on Wenny Road Meadow has been submitted. We’d like as many people as possible to object to these plans.

Would your children like an opportunity to have their say?

Children of Chatteris have been writing letters of objection. Your children can too!

We’ve created two letter templates:

It is important to write as soon as possible, because time is running out.

How to send your letters

You can email your letters to us, or drop them off at 48 New Road, Chatteris, PE16 6BT. We will forward them to the council for you.

You can also send them straight to Fenland District Council. You must include the child’s full name and address (or “care of” address) in the email, and include the reference F/YR21/0981/F. The email address is

Campaign’s plan of action

  • Engage with Fenland District Council, and organise letters (and petitions) to demonstrate the strength of feeling in the town.
  • Request a site visit to demonstrate the beauty of the place
  • Conduct tree “audit” and examination of Tree Preservation Order status (TPO)
  • Write to local MP
  • Raise awareness in the town through posters, contact cards, leafletting, door-to-door petitioning, events, press coverage, etc
  • Seek out potential funding solutions for purchase of the site and ongoing upkeep…
  • National bodies who may be able to help us with the campaign, or provide funding to purchase the meadow e.g:
    • National Trust
    • Woodland Trust
    • Campaign for Protection of Rural England
    • Open Spaces Society
    • Lottery Heritage Funds
    • Street Pride
    • RSPB
    • Wildlife Trust
    • Green Party